Deburring tools

Company presentation

We are experts in developing and manufacturing deburring solutions with stand alone deburring units or with IN-LINE deburring machine integration. ACSIS was established upon the need of covering several technical and technological challenges directly from close sheet metal industry. Through the years we become involved in solving various challenges concerning surface and edge treatment for flat workpieces. Results are our fit to skin integrations in production lines focused in deburring and surface treatment systems. We cover wide production segment for various technologies for example stamping technology, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, plasma cutting, with stand alone units or integrated IN LINE systems.


Our base knowledge and experience comes out from mechanical engineering, constructing and building various machinery for industry with reason to speed up technological processes, ensuring constant quality of the product (workpiece) and the process, providing stability of technological process and eliminating human factor. Field business parners that ACSIS d.o.o. is cooperating with are Surfinsys AG, Schiess AG and AFT d.o.o..


Every deburring or surface treatment system integration (standalone or IN LINE) requires certain peripheral systems to fulfil special costumer requirements. Custom automation is necessary to make system as much independent as possible, to speed up process, eliminate human factor and of course to reduce costs of operation.


Our customer services covers all support needed to cover stable operation of our systems, without failures in production. In case of after selling activities we are fully focused to machine (system) operation, where we can predict failure, malfunction through diagnostic, online surveillance remote system. We guarantee 48 hour response after the failure is reported in radius 500km, we keep all vital parts and assemblies on stock, we have our expert service team. In case of pre selling activities we offer our PROCESS CENTER as outsource production, where we have stand alone system that enables performing tests on certain worpieces and where customers get real impression of advantages in using such system.